Galentine’s Day Soiree

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Where: Laduree SOHO

About: Dreamy Valentine’s Day soiree filled with music, macaroons, and magic

Intention: To create an intimate environment for connection and female friendships

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My Dear Valentine, 

Love is not defined by gender roles, and relationships. Love is ubiquitous. It is our love that is our greatest strength, our love which becomes the catalyst for success, and our love in which we celebrate today. Happy Galentine’s day, Valentine’s day, and self love day. The universe is filled with sweet treats, love notes, music, friendship, and most importantly magic. Although last night’s entertainment was brought to you by Josh Beckman, the foodie magician, everyday is magic. The ability to be connected to one another is magic. To feel someone else’s love surrounding your body like little honey bees, is magic. The look a dog gives you when they tell you they love you, is magic. Love is magic. 

Celebrate the love for yourself, the love for one another, and the love for the universe. Today is not just another day, but another chance to share the human experience and share love with one another. 

This is my first year in a long time without a Valentine. It is a better sweet feeling. The feeling of feeling alone, lost and without partnership, but on the other hand feeling empowered, self assured, and limitless. Instead of having one Valentine, I had a sea of beautiful, accomplished women who celebrated the love and success of one another. 

Thank you all for being my valentine on my favorite day of the year. 



Producer & Host:  @Ariana.cleo on behalf of @TheAriLife #AriLife
Partners: @bumblebff x @ladureeus
Photography: @lovelyntalented 
Magic: @foodiemagician 
Music: @seenamusic
Venue: Laduree SOHO

ExperienceAriana Cleo